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The Best of Bride Dubai
Mon 15-04-2013

The has shared the latest news from Bride Dubai, here are some of the best features of the show:


“According to the tourism attaché Aliette Esther, an average wedding, which includes details such as the venue and catering, could cost anything from about Dh2,400 onwards for that perfect romantic and intimate ceremony, excluding flight and accommodation.”

The Seychelles  has welcomed more than 3,600 travelers from the UAE in January!

“In 2012, we accommodated at least 300 destination weddings and up to 40 were couples from the UAE – and that is a number from only one of our travel partners, Mason’s Travel, which also offers wedding planning services, so the actual figure is far higher,” says Esther. “From the UAE, many Emiratis love the Seychelles for a honeymoon, and for the wedding ceremony we have an international mix.”

Beauty and Health:

The Health Factory launched a new program at Bride Dubai called Bliss, “Bliss is a dedicated program for both brides and grooms and ideally should be started 3 months prior to the wedding for best results. Monthly meal plans, including breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between, are delivered daily to your preferred location across the UAE.”

Chirin Watfa, a dietician with the Health Factory, says “Bliss provides the proper amount of nutrients our body requires. Our snacks are rich in minerals for example for the hair and skin. We offer no fad diets, simply reasonable eating patterns,” says Watfa. “You will start to notice a difference after the first week and obvious skin improvement after 21 days.”

The Wedding Dress:

According to The, sparkle is the hottest trend this year when it comes to wedding dresses!

“Asfour Crystal promises an affordable service delivered right to your doorstep. First launched in Egypt in 1961, the company opened its base in Sharjah 6 years ago.
Many visitors to Bride Dubai stopped to admire and take pictures of the display dress that was adorned, from top to bottom, with Asfour crystals.”

“We are one of the largest suppliers of crystal worldwide. We also supply to all wedding haute couture designers. Many customers rely on us because of our quality and attractive prices,” says Jaber Shahdad, the UAE’s exclusive agent for Asfour Crystal. “You can apply the crystals on shoes, bags, on the wall, curtains  it’s really up to you.”

“Many people are requesting many crystals on their dress [pointing to the dress on display] – but then others want the gown to look more simple. Fashion is fun; it’s all about taste,” he says.


Lazurd’s unique sushi vine leaves are a huge hit with the UAE community since the company opened its base here just 6 months ago.

“We have about 17 chefs here and a cake artist who can create any cake you want and can possibly imagine,” says Nawaf Al Arbash, the company’s development manager.
“Our products are not limited to western or Arabic, we have an international team of chefs. Our theme is simple elegance. First comes the taste, then we create the look because they complement each other. You will not find anything so delicate in the Mena region.”

Wedding Registry:

“More UAE couples are opting for online gift registries as was reflected in the popularity of, founded by Julie Leblan in 2011.”
“We offer an international service – your friends and family who are abroad can also be involved,” says Leblan. “We also work with wedding planners to suit your requirements and to make it personal.”