Beyonce and Jay Z Crash Wedding in Italy

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Beyonce and Jay Z Crash Wedding in Italy
Tue 09-09-2014

Beyonce and Jay Z accidentally strolled into a wedding while touring the historic city of Portofino

And- of course- the paparazzi have been following their every move. They did, however, manage to capture a cute moment when love-birds Bey and Jay decided to stop by a local church.

And much to the couple’s surprise, they unintentionally ended up gate crashing a wedding. But being the sweet hearts that they are, the power couple decided to join the wedding festivities, they even clicked photos with the extremely elated bride.

Despite the incessant rumors surrounding their marriage, the two reportedly looked crazy in love. The singer and her rapper husband were spotted enjoying a relaxing vacation as they explored the town, dispelling any breakup rumors. The couple looked happy and walked around holding hands.