Beyonce and Jay Z Facing Divorce Rumors

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Beyonce and Jay Z Facing Divorce Rumors
Thu 13-08-2015

Rumor has it that Jay Z and Beyonce are headed for a divorce. Notably, the rapper’s wedding ring is M.I.A.

According to MStars News, Beyonce’s husband was spotted in New York City last July without his wedding ring.  The site also noted that the “Love on Top” singer had her “IV” tattoo removed. The sentimental piece is a mark of their 7-year marriage.

“Jay and Bey’s marriage is blowing up. They’ve living separate lives… They haven’t made an official announcement because Bey isn’t ready. But taking off their wedding rings is the first step in untangling their lives!” an insider for theThe National Enquirer revealed.

The site also noted that Beyonce wants to get pregnant with their 2nd child to maintain the marriage. However, they said that it’s “not working out.”

“But since Bey hasn’t conceived, she’s taking it as a sign that she should leave Jay once and for all,” the insider continued.

Huffington Post also reported that the 31-year old singer debunked the pregnancy news. The rumor started when Beyonce cancelled her show in Belgium due to dehydration and severe exhaustion.

As for their musical collaboration, Radar Online cited last April that their “business empire” is still intact, despite the “elevator incident” that happened a year ago.

“Somewhere along the way, their marriage has also become a business deal,” an insider revealed.

“They’re joint investors in Tidal, they’re making a joint album and I think they’re announcing another joint tour, which will happen in 2016/2017.”

Beyonce and Jay Z have yet to comment on the rumors.

Source:Australian Network