Bill and Giuliana Rancic Enjoy Being a Power Couple

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Bill and Giuliana Rancic Enjoy Being a Power Couple
Tue 20-08-2013

Bill and Giuliana are a famous hollywood couple, as Giuliana is hosting E! News and Fashion Police, she is also working on her fashion line, Bill is the winner of The Apprentince show by Donald Trump.

Bill is also moderating a competition for small business owners sponsored by the software maker Intuit where one business wins a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl. But that is not it!

Bill and Giuliana also have their very own reality TV show Giuliana & Bill on the Style Network and are in the restaurant business.

Bill stated: "We run a lot. We exercise and now we have a little boy at home so I’m now a father so that’s my new role, that’s my new job and it’s the best job I’ve ever had in my life. It’s pretty amazing. He’s 11 months yesterday. He’s crawling and 25 pounds. He’s a big kid. We just started filming another season of Giuliana & Bill so we will have 85 episodes completed by the end of the year this year which in reality TV that’s like dog years. These things don’t last that long typically."

"Giuliana and I own some restaurants. We have RPM Italian in Chicago, we have RPM Steak opening this autumn. And then we’re branching out to Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas so we’re growing our restaurant brand quite a bit. I’m really proud of Giuliana ... so we’re continuing as a husband-wife team growing our entrepreneurial ventures."