Boat with Wedding Party Sinks in Malaysia

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Boat with Wedding Party Sinks in Malaysia
Fri 10-10-2014

In Jakarta, Indonesia, at least 17 people from a wedding party, including 3 children, have died in a boat sinking on the way to the Indonesian island of Bali, an official said Wednesday, with two dozen still missing.

Officials called off the search for the day at sunset, with 8 of the 49 people on board rescued, while the remaining 24 were still unaccounted for.

12 children are believed to have been among the passengers, though the number has yet to be confirmed.

"The search was called off in the evening because the waves were very big and it was getting dark," said national disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, adding the search would resume Thursday morning.

Among the dead was a 2-year-old boy, while the eight survivors were all adults.

The wooden motor boat broke down on Tuesday after leaving from the east of the main island of Java late Monday.

"The engine was damaged and the water pump broke, so the boat filled with water and sank," Nugroho said.

The passengers on board are all believed to be Indonesian.

The 8 survivors were rescued by helicopter, while several boats were deployed by the search team and fishermen were put on alert.

Nugroho did not say whether the bride and groom were on the boat to the resort island, but their family members were believed to be on board, according to reports.