Born On Same Ward On The Same Day A Couple Gets Married 27 Years Later

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Born On Same Ward On The Same Day A Couple Gets Married 27 Years Later
Wed 20-05-2015

This touching story started back on May 1, 1988, at the Rush Green Hospital in Essex, UK, when baby boy Daniel and baby girl Jessica were born. on the same ward and on the same day.

The fact that the two sweethearts married 27 years later makes the story what it is, although both Daniel Askew and Jessica Croker believe it was more a question of fate than coincidence.

Jessica told reporters, “The coincidences in our lives are just astonishing. It’s almost as if it was meant to be all along.”

Many years after being born, on the same day and on the same hospital ward, Daniel and Jessica fell madly in love while they studied together at the Havering Sixth Form College.

Jessica explained, “On our first date we told each other our dates of birth and we didn’t believe it until we got our provisional driving licences out. It seemed like a thing you would make up for a laugh.”

When they were 17, the young couple watched one of their parents’ wedding videos.

Jessica divulged, “All of a sudden I looked closer and was like, ‘that’s one of my mum and dad’s friends.’ I phoned my mum up straightaway.”

Obviously, the cute story about the couple is almost unique.

“When we tell people they just don’t believe us because it’s such a fantastic story,” Jessica said.

Speaking about the forthcoming wedding day, Daniel shared with reporters, “Now I’m just very excited and looking forward to our big day. I can’t wait for it to come around.”

That being said, Daniel and Jessica are apparently opposites, bringing to mind the old adage that “opposites attract.”

As Jessica concluded, “I’m really emotional and Daniel’s the total opposite. I appreciate his stoicism and he keeps me grounded.”

Source: The Inquisitr