Boruzz Collection Elevates Pure Oudh to a Luxurious Art

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Boruzz Collection Elevates Pure Oudh to a Luxurious Art
Fri 22-05-2015

Rasasi Perfumes, a leading UAE perfume brand, has launched ‘Boruzz,’ a new oudh collection designed to be a signature of the progressive and modern Khaleeji identity. Meaning ‘elevated’ or ‘of high stature’ in Arabic, each of the five fragrances under Boruzz represents an enthralling journey that raises the ritual of oudh to a luxurious art, the scents specially crafted for today’s connoisseurs of pure oudh. 

Developed in collaboration with some of the most famous scent houses in Europe, the Boruzz line blends together the richest oudh sourced from the most renowned oudh centres in the world; India, Malaysia and Indonesia, the famed mystique of Oriental fragrances and the sophistication of the west bringing together the best of both worlds. The fascinating confluence reflects the rich heritage of the region and the identity of today’s Khaleejis as a dynamic people from highly progressive nations who are keen to make their mark.  

Inspired by the legendary and much celebrated opulence of pure oudh, the collection compromises three contemporary manifestations of the luxurious substance; Rooh Al Assam, Asrar Indonesia and Abeer Malaysia are retailed under the line extension of Oudh Al Boruzz, while Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz and Lamaat Musk Tabriz are two variants of Attar Al Boruzz; rare and precious mystical expressions of pure oudh blended with the choicest musk, evoking journeys along the ancient Silk Roads and the fragrant sunlit mosques and parks of Tabriz in Persia.

The Boruzz line fuses base elements of oudh and musk with an intoxicating blend of floral, leather and citrus inflections. The warm Eastern colours of gold harmonise with the linear Occidental lines of the hand-polished bottle to reflect modernity. The gleaming gold slant is symbolic of the unique success trajectory of the GCC nations. When opened, the packaging unveils a modern-day story of oudh in its enduring mystique and glory. 

With four decades of experience in blending scents that celebrate the rich tapestry of the Middle East, Rasasi’s mastery over the finest traditions of Oriental perfumery combines with its international perfumery expertise for this insignia of luxury, sophistication and timeless Arabian heritage.