Brad Pitt in Charge of Wedding Planning

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Brad Pitt in Charge of Wedding Planning
Wed 02-05-2012

Looks like Angelina Jolie left the wedding planning fun to Brad Pitt, who wants the wedding to be perfect!


According to NY Daily News a source said: "Brad's been doing extensive renovation and is using a specialist in chateau restoration. He has spent over 10 million pounds already. Now he's offering hefty bonuses to workers to complete it by summer."

"He's even trying to organise an aeroplane landing site in the grounds for guests to come in by private jet but that's proving rather tricky, what with permits and no-fly zones."

"Brad's been tasting and looking up French dishes for weeks. He wants the perfect menu and, of course, the perfect wine to accompany it. That is all going to be locally sourced, too."

Guess who brad wants to officiate the ceremony as a minister? Angelina's brother James Haven!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!