Bridal Shop Creates World's First Loom Band Wedding Dress

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Bridal Shop Creates World's First Loom Band Wedding Dress
Sat 16-08-2014

A Scots bridal shop owner has created the world’s first wedding dress made entirely from loom bands.

Stephanie Bain, who owns The Bridal Boutique in Peterculter, Aberdeenshire, was inspired to make the wedding dress after seeing a similar creation which sold for thousands on eBay.

And with dozens of her clients' children making loom bands in the shop while they waited for their mums to pick their dream dress, she decided to call on their help to create the unique piece of bridal couture.

After issuing a plea on Facebook, children as young as three and as far away as Peterhead began looping and threading together over 50 individual chains of loom bands of various sizes, which, when laid out covered the length of the shop over six times.

The exact number of loom bands used it its construction is not known, but is thought to be well over 10,000.

Stephanie explained: "Parents have been really happy because it has got the loom bands out of the house and kept kids happy through the holidays."

Setting herself a deadline of two weeks, the creation took slightly longer than anticipated, with Stephanie adding that at one point she unravelled the dress and started again, unprepared for how hard the task would be.

But after three weeks of donations and a day of stitching the garment together, the loom band wedding dress finally went on display on Friday afternoon in the window of The Bridal Boutique and the response from the locals has been fantastic.

"It’s been great, it’s been like a tourist attraction," Stephanie laughed. "On Saturday, before the shop opened, I came to find three separate people with their kids getting their photo taken. It’s really capturing people’s attention."

Although the wedding dress was originally created as a colourful way to brighten up the window of her bridal store, Stephanie has been surprised by the response from her Facebook fans, adding that she would be delighted if she had created the very first wedding dress made entirely from loom bands.

"That would be really good to know," she explained. "It really was just for the window as a display but various people have left comments on our Facebook page saying they would wear that as a wedding dress.

"It probably is wearable, but at the moment it’s pinned in a couple of places to keep it from slipping but there is an underskirt under it so someone could put it on if need be, but it might need readjusting slightly."