Bridal Trend: Starlettos High Heels Protectors!

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Bridal Trend: Starlettos High Heels Protectors!
Wed 16-05-2012

Are you ready for spring and summer weddings, engagements, and parties? Well you will be when you know more about the latest must-have item taking over the fashion world!

Starlettos High Heel Protectors are an inexpensive accessory made to be easily slipped on and off stilettos and high heels to prevent them from sinking into the grass at a outdoor events! 

That's not it! Starlettos also have a non-slip base to solve 2 other high-heel dilemmas, instability on stairs and dance floors, and potential damage to your wedding, or evening dress.

Ms Naismith-Beeley explains: “Our little flower-shaped Starlettos, once slipped onto a stiletto or high heel, help protect expensive gowns from damage, and give the wearer added confidence when descending stairs and taking to slippery dance floors” she said. “Wedding planners have been quick to see the benefits - not just to the bride, but to bridesmaids, mothers, and other guests.”

The owners of wedding venues have also noticed Starlettos as a solution to the damage caused by stilettos to expensive flooring.

Starlettos heel protectors are made from strong, yet pliable materials, and the unique star-shaped design gives versatility to fit most slim heel shapes and sizes.