Bride Almost Dies While Trashing Her Wedding Dress

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Bride Almost Dies While Trashing Her Wedding Dress
Mon 18-05-2015

Newlywed Amy Zuno decided to get in on the “trash the wedding dress” trend, but it almost cost her her life.

As her new husband, Eric, treaded water near the dock, Amy jumped in towards him, but she was pulled under by the weight of the gown.

A bridesmaid tried to help, and then others jumped in as well. The bride fought her way to the surface, gasping for air after about  25 seconds under water.

Amy told Inside Edition “I felt the weight of the dress on me. I heard screaming and people jumping into the water so then I was like, okay, maybe I just got married and I’m going to die today.”

Eric commented, saying, “I couldn’t get the dress over the top of her head so I started to panic.”

And in the end, her response to the dress trashing? “I don’t regret it.”

Trashing the dress has become a trend among brides recently. But not all of them have been as lucky as Amy. Another newlywed was killed when she jumped into a river in her wedding dress. She was pulled under and drowned.

Source: Fox 8