Bride and Groom Arrested for Fake Wedding

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Bride and Groom Arrested for Fake Wedding
Tue 26-11-2013

A fake bride and groom where caught after the bride 'flinched' when her fake husband-to-be touched her knee in a register office.

A Pakistani man exploited a teenage girl with learning difficulties and married her so he could stay in the UK.

The marriage was stopped, and the pair were both arrested at the register office in Pontypridd, South Wales.

Prosecutor Rachel Knight said:  'It was part and parcel of a plan to circumvent immigration rules, which would allow him to work, access to the NHS, social security and housing benefit.'

The court heard Esene, the fake groom, lost his temper when Ginova, the bride, failed to 'learn her lines properly' and he threatened her that he could put 'anyone in a dress'.

Both were jailed - Ginova, for 18 months and Esene, for 21 months.

Esene will be deported to Nigeria at the end of his sentence