Bride Asks Guests to Clean-up After Wedding

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Bride Asks Guests to Clean-up After Wedding
Wed 25-04-2012

A couple were in shock when they got an e-mail from their friends who are getting married! Why?

The bride and groom sent e-mails to couples invited to their wedding stating that they have been signed up for the clean-up committee after the wedding.

This is what one of the guests had to say:

"She just sent us an e-mail saying she had assigned us to move tables and chairs, take out garbage and sweep the floor after the reception has ended."

The part that really gets me is where she gave reasons for asking us to do this task: "You are responsible; you are part of a long-term committed relationship (so I won't be preventing an inebriated wedding stranger hookup); and I trust you to wrangle others to help you are kind of bossy and I like that. She also says, feel free to decline this assignment with no hard feelings. Just let me know."

How does one reply to such an invitation?