Bride Buried in Her Wedding Dress After Being Killed with a Flying Piece of Plywood

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Bride Buried in Her Wedding Dress After Being Killed with a Flying Piece of Plywood
Fri 27-03-2015

A 37-year-old woman killed in Manhattan's West Village by a piece of plywood that was blown out of luxury condo development in 40mph winds wore a wedding dress to her funeral.

Trang-Thuy 'Tina' Nguyen, who was killed in a freak accident on St Patrick's Day, was scheduled to get married in July.

About 200 friends and family members gathered in a Philadelphia church on Saturday to say goodbye to the Manhattan real estate broker.

Nguyen's bridesmaids wore the long yellow gowns they planned to wear to the wedding and wore red shoes to honor their friend's Vietnamese heritage, according to the New York Daily News. 

Groomsmen appeared to be wearing matching formal clothes as well.  

The Philadelphia native was pushed into a wall at a parking garage and struck her head at about 5:50pm on Tuesday, a source told the New York Daily News. She was taken to the hospital but died of injuries.

The plywood came from new construction The Greenwich Lane - a 200-unit development in five buildings and five townhouses that stands on what was once the site of St. Vincent's Hospital.

ABC 7 reports the woman was on her cell phone as she passed the entrance to a parking lot entrance, when the four-by-eight-foot sheet of plywood, separated from the security fence across the street.

Nguyen's fiance Alex Beitler expressed his love for his fiancee at the funeral service, which took place at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. He had proposed to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Nazeela Khan, who was one of Nguyen's bridesmaids said that her friend was the most kind-hearted and giving person she knew.

City officials closed West Village construction site after Nguyen's death after the Buildings Department cited 11 serious code violations in the last three years.

The unfinished development has apartments starting at $3.65million and is already nearly sold out. 

Part of the property is now home to the most expensive apartment ever sold in Greenwich Village.

According to NY Curbed: 'The south penthouse at 155 West 11th Street, the new construction tower that's part of the Greenwich Lane complex, entered contract for $45 million, a price that will set a new neighborhood price record when it closes.'


Bill and Eric Rudin, owners of developer West Village Residences, issued their own somber statement.

"What happened is tragic and devastating," they said. "We extend our deepest condolences to the family."

Nguyen's family asked for donations to the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia to honor her death.

Source: Daily Mail