Bride Creates a Story Book Around Her Wedding

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Bride Creates a Story Book Around Her Wedding
Wed 15-01-2014

Mitali Desai, an architect, will go through years later to relive that magical night when she entered into wedlock by reading her own book.

The book Mitali created consists of pages where the setting will be the night the couple tied the knot, complete with anecdotes from the wedding, their love story and illustrations.

Making this innovative trend possible is Prakash Raghupathi and Vishal Soni, who through their start-up The Missing Shoe, document people's weddings through a story book of sorts.

"In essence, they are short stories that capture the grandeur, the feelings and the entire atmosphere of a wedding. Narrated in the tone of a novel and designed with minimalist illustrations and designs, the book promises to serve not only as a collectible, but also as a long-standing status symbol," says Prakash.

Even though Mitali entered matrimony 6 years back, she contacted the duo to make a story book on her wedding day to surprise her husband. "Not many people have a fairy-tale wedding. But I guess there is nothing better than being a protagonist in a story book. It is a dream come true. This book will remind us of that special night our whole life," she says.

"The book will read like a romantic novel. For example a paragraph would read something like, The last vestiges of doubt, fear and darkness vanished in a gale of bliss. As they sat conversing about the beautiful life that lay ahead of them, a bolt of lightning appeared in the night sky and the cold rushed in to fill what was left of the air," explains Vishal, who is currently employed as a consultant.

Source: New Indian Express