Bride Dies After 2 Years in Coma

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Bride Dies After 2 Years in Coma
Sun 22-09-2013

A bride spent 2 years in a coma before her family decided to switch off her life support machine, just hours after she was married.

Her fiance Lu Lai, of Guangdong in southeast China, had the world at their feet in 2011. Both had found top jobs in the local government at Guangzhou, they had recently bought a home and were planning to get married.

But the bride "He Jingjing" was taken ill one day at work.

She slipped into a coma on the way to hospital and never woke up.

After 2 years her family gathered by her bedside to celebrate her 28th birthday complete with a cake, and then took part in a wedding ceremony, finally fulfilling the couple's dream of marrying.

Her organs will now be donated to help other people in need.

Lu Lai said: 'I am happy she will have helped others to live but for me I don't think about her living on in others, for me she will live on in my heart forever. I will always miss her."

"She was ill but she did not want to stop work. Then one day I had a call to say she had collapsed at her computer and been taken to hospital."

"I was told at the hospital she was alive but later it became clear that she had been permanently brain damaged. There was nothing we could do for her."

Her father Fang Lu said: "She was such a wonderful, vibrant young woman. I can't believe she is gone, but she did always say she was prepared to be an organ donor and this way part of her will live on and help others to life."

"She was our only child, we wanted to have one last special thing together."