Bride Disguises as Old Lady to Test Fiancé's Love

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Bride Disguises as Old Lady to Test Fiancé's Love
Thu 30-10-2014

A man and woman stirred up a very bizarre scene on Shenzhen's Dongmen Street in China, as they were about to take pre-wedding photos.

NetEase reports that an argument broke out when the apparent bride-to-be showed up to the photo shoot with an "old face" in a bid to test her boyfriend's love.

Rather than playing along, he angrily told the woman to go change her makeup, according to witnesses. When she refused, she was left crying on the street, surrounded by curious crowds.

The woman told reporters that she wore the makeup to test whether her boyfriend would still be committed to her when she grew old.

"He is such a philanderer and he used to have many girlfriends," she said.

When reporters questioned why she still wanted to marry him if he was a womanizer, she explained that it was "Because he really treats me very well."

Two male passersby were also asked by reporters to give a comment. One said if he were the man, he would explain clearly to the woman that he'd always take good care of her. The other said that he believes no man wants to marry an ugly woman.

Source: Shanghaiist