Bride Enjoys Ruining $1,700 Wedding Dress

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Bride Enjoys Ruining $1,700 Wedding Dress
Sun 02-09-2012

Eveny Lageschulte, decided to play volleyball in the mud with her husband after the wedding ceremony! "I'm never going to wear the dress again," Eveny, 26, said. "I might as well have some fun." The $1,700 dress was ruined prior to the game when the bride and her bridesmaids tussled in the garden where the ceremony took place.

The father of the groom, converted his garden into a mud pit for the occasion. Minutes into the game, Eveny had a guest cut off her dress's train so she could better compete with her bridesmaids, new husband and his groomsmen. Although the Marshalltown couple wore their wedding clothes, the rest of the wedding party changed into clothes more appropriate for the game. "Some of us want to wear our dresses again," said Kraig's sister and a bridesmaid.