Bride Fakes Cancer to Get Free Wedding

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Bride Fakes Cancer to Get Free Wedding
Wed 11-04-2012

Jessica Vega, a 25 year old bride, has been indicted on charges of fraud! Why?

The bride claimed she was dying of leukemia, and took advantage of the community's hearts and minds to profit from their generosity.

According to Seattle Times, strangers donated the beautifully embroidered wedding dress, the two rings and the honeymoon time-share in Aruba. They acted quickly, too, because the bride was dying of cancer, or so she said.

"She claimed she had just a few months to live and wanted a "dream wedding" to Michael O'Connell, father of her year-old daughter."

"Her cause spread quickly around the mid-Hudson region, helped by a story in the Times Herald Record. The newspaper said Vega showed a reporter what she said was a doctor's letter confirming the diagnosis."

Her husband, Michael O'Connell, was also a victim, the bride explained that she wanted to get her dream wedding before she dies.

"The couple were married 4 months later, Michael O'Connell expressed suspicions to the newspaper, saying he believed the doctor's letter was fake."

The couple divorced, but Michael wants his bride back again.

If Jessica gets convicted of fraud she will be sentenced from 16 months to 4 years in prison!