Bride Found Dead Before Wedding in Malaysia

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Bride Found Dead Before Wedding in Malaysia
Mon 28-10-2013

A bride-to-be was found hanged in a staff quarters room of a cargo company in Riam, Malaysia.

The deceased’s stepson found her hanging from a nylon cord inside the room where she shared with her husband.

Her husband, Wilson, commented: "She was still alive when my stepson and I went out for work at about 8am this morning. My next-door neighbors said they had heard her singing karaoke in the room, but everything was silent around 9am." 

"I even bought a new television set for her, but we ended up quarreling as she kept asking me where I got the money to buy it. I just ignored her."

He said the cargo lorry that he was in, had returned to the staff quarters at about 10.30am, but he did not go to his room as he was busy uploading cargoes.

"I did not go to the room as I thought she was cooking lunch for me and my stepson."

"However, when my stepson went upstairs, he was shocked to find her dead," said Wilson.