Bride had to Find Wedding Dress 15 Minutes Before her Wedding

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Bride had to Find Wedding Dress 15 Minutes Before her Wedding
Wed 11-04-2012


A bride had ordered her wedding dress, groom's suit, made of honor and groomsmen's outfits from Dubai, and her friend was supposed to return with them.


The items were supposed to be delivered 4 days before the wedding.


"At the eve of the wedding, I sat and wailed in tears because my gown and groom’s suit were nowhere", said the bride.


“At 2:30pm while in the salon, I still waited to see the gown I had ordered,” she says.


The wedding was starting at 3:00 pm; all the guests were already at the church!


The dress finally arrived while she was at the salon doing her hair and makeup, but it didn't fit properly! 


Together with her friends and sisters, the bride ran to look for another gown in the bridal shops around town!


Being a Sunday, most shops were closed and only one bridal shop was open and had a gown that she could wear.


That's not it! She could not afford the dress! She had to get it from money borrowed from her sister's business account.


The group then ran back to the salon to get their hair and makeup fixed after all the running and crying.


The groom and his best man had to buy new suits too.

Luckily she arrived on time to walk down the aisle and the dress looked beautiful on her!