Bride Kills Groom 8 Days After Wedding

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Bride Kills Groom 8 Days After Wedding
Sun 17-11-2013

A woman from Montana was charged with shoving her husband off a cliff to his death!

She says she instinctively pushed him away when he grabbed her arm during an argument.

Jordan Graham (the wife) also testified that an FBI agent who interviewed her about Cody Johnson's (the husband) death made her uncomfortable by placing his hand on her knee.

The bride was charged with murder in Johnson's death. 

Prosecutors say Jordan Graham was having doubts about her 8 day marriage to Johnson. They say the couple took the argument to Glacier National Park, where Jordan Graham pushed Cody Johnson in anger off the cliff.

"I think I didn't realize that one push would mean for sure you were over," Graham said in the transcript, the Missoulian reported.

"I felt like I shouldn't have gotten married at that time, but not, there were not any issues of being with Cody, no. I feel like he's the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with."