Bride Leaves Groom For Having Poor Eyesight

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Bride Leaves Groom For Having Poor Eyesight
Tue 05-05-2015

A bride refused to marry her groom at Mahtiya Dandi village near Aonla when she discovered that he had hypermetropia, a common vision-related problem where one is unable to see things at a close distance.

When the girl discovered that her would-be husband was having trouble performing the wedding rituals properly, she grew suspicious and confronted him.

After finding out about his long-sightedness, the bride and her family decided to call off the wedding.

Trouble started when the girl found that the groom was unable to apply 'tilak' and place rice husks at the right spot in the wedding mandap as instructed by the priest.

This happened during the last phase of the wedding ceremony after the jaimala (exchanging of garlands) had been performed, and the baraatis had had dinner.

According to sources, the bride, after noticing that something was amiss in the groom's eyesight, immediately got up from the mandap and confronted her would-be father-in-law.

When it was revealed that the boy had hypermetropia, the girl decided that she will not go ahead with the marriage.

Source:Times of India