Bride Pays Tribute to Late Fiance With Beautiful Wedding Photo Shoot

Bride Pays Tribute to Late Fiance With Beautiful Wedding Photo Shoot
Thu 05-11-2015

Last year, Lauren and Tristan, a Seattle couple was set to marry when Tristan was tragically killed in a car accident a month before the wedding, as the Daily Mail first reported.

Processing her grief took some time, but a year later Lauren decided to honor Tristan’s life, and the life they could have together, with a heartbreakingly beautiful bridal shoots.

Lauren, dressed in her wedding gown, invited family and friends to the location of the photo shoot, to celebrate Tristan’s memory in a meaningful way. Lauren told the Mail, “ That day was the closest I’ll ever get to a real wedding day – it was like Tristan was there watching over us.”

Following the shoot, Lauren and guests headed to a special place for the couple, Dash Point Beach. They released balloons as a way to connect with Tristan’s spirit and find some comfort. Lauren said of that moment “I let mine go first and then everyone else let theirs go. It was a really good day but I still went home without a husband and woke up without one.”

Lauren is still grieving her loss, naturally, but this photo shoot and memorial, according to her, is a good way to heal. She said, “My soul feels quiet now – I feel agony and yet quite peaceful at the same time.”

Source:Hello Giggles