Bride Saves Wedding Dress from Fire!

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Bride Saves Wedding Dress from Fire!
Sun 18-03-2012

A fire erupted in a building has left 51 people with no homes. But a bride took all the attention when she saved her wedding dress and her bridesmaid's dresses from the fire!

The family ran for their life, but Siobhan the bride had been planning this wedding for 2 years and her wedding was taking place on the next day, and she would not let the fire ruin her wedding!

She ptiched the gown and the dresses one by one off the fire escape.

A few hours later, the firefighters let her sister enter the burnt building to look for the wedding ring!

"I knew she would kill me if I didn't find the ring so I made that a priority."

Everything and everyone was safe and Siobhan got the wedding she always wanted.