Bride Spends 200 Hours Stitching 22,000 Feather to Create Dream Wedding Dress

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Bride Spends 200 Hours Stitching 22,000 Feather to Create Dream Wedding Dress
Thu 05-02-2015

A blushing bride spent 200 hours hand stitching 22,000 individual goose feathers onto her dream dress.

Cheryl McGlynn, 24, from Middlesbrough, UK, was delighted to wear her one-of-a-kind dress for her wedding after working day and night for a fortnight sewing on the white feathers which cost £1,200 alone.

The mother-of-one runs her own business wedding dress business, Cheryl Holmsrom Bespoke, and spent more than six months planning, designing and creating her masterpiece for her marriage to sweetheart Joel, 25.

She managed to continue working, designing and making dresses for brides-to-be who wanted to use her services.

Cheryl said that she had always wanted to be the person to design and make the dress for her own big day as she would never trust another designer.

The amazing dress features a tight corset-style top which was all hand embroidered by Cheryl, flowing down to the incredible train of delicate goose feathers.

She also added hers and her husband's names to the back of the dress for an extra personal touch.

Alongside the stunning creation, Cheryl also made a beautiful 18th-century inspired dress for her daughter Honey, two, and dresses for her three bridesmaids.

Cheryl said: 'I worked hard day and night without stopping for weeks before the wedding to make sure everything was right.'

'I just hid up in my little sewing room and got stuck in. I had to hand stitch each of the 22,000 goose feathers, which I made sure I got from a UK supplier.'