Bride Surprises Groom with Helicopter Ride to New Zealand for Wedding Photo Shoot

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Bride Surprises Groom with Helicopter Ride to New Zealand for Wedding Photo Shoot
Sun 13-07-2014

A New Zealand bride set up the perfect wedding day surprise for her groom when she ordered a helicopter to fly them up to one of the world's most scenic peaks, only moments after they were pronounced husband and wife.

Belinda, 27, and Campbell Stuart, 31, shared a once in a lifetime romantic experience as they spent their first moments as a married couple standing alone atop a mountain and looking down upon the lake of their hometown, Wanaka.

Meanwhile, Melbourne based destination wedding photographer Eric Ronald, snapped the beautiful moments from the chopper.

The newlyweds had been together for eight and half years before they got married in February of this year, after Campbell proposed on a rainy day during a romantic weekend away.

Even when the helicopter arrived to the couple's wool shed wedding venue, where 125 guests were celebrating the big day, Campbell said he still had no idea what was in store for him.
'I thought someone had broken their leg and was being airlifted,' he said.

Campbell remained clueless until the last minute. He told the Daily Mail Australia that even when the helicopter arrived after they had been wed, he assumed someone had been injured and needed to be airlifted to safety.

The duo admitted they had always dreamed of taking a helicopter ride on their wedding day, but as the costs of the wedding climbed they decided between them just to let the idea go
But Belinda changed her mind and booked the helicopter only six months away from the big date after she said she: 'woke up one day and thought "I will deffinetly regret it if I don't do it"'.

Source: Daily Mail