Bride Takes the Bus to Wedding Ceremony

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Bride Takes the Bus to Wedding Ceremony
Sun 08-04-2012

The Daily Mail has recently reported that a bride took the bus to get to her wedding ceremony!

Most brides usually go by car or carriage but not this one.

Jenny Klochko, the practical bride, hopped on the bus on her wedding day, wearing her wedding dress.


Jenny commented: "I wanted to do something different on my wedding day, so many weddings are the same these days and a little soulless."

"In the Ukraine it's common for a bride to walk through the town on the way to her wedding so those who aren't invited to the wedding can still see her."

What was the passengers' reactions? Well, not much was said or done.

"I think they thought it must be a practical joke. No one even offered me their seat." Jenny said.