Bride-to-Be Dies Because of Weight

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Bride-to-Be Dies Because of Weight
Fri 26-04-2013

Jenna Vickers a 26 year old bride-to-be was found dead in a solarium while tanning! 

The bride died after a severe heart failure because of her obesity.

She was found collapsed in a tanning cubicle, and at first it was believed that her death could have been linked to tanning injections she bought online.

The bride-to-be had injected her stomach the night before her death and had been using solariums up to 4 times a week!

But Dr Patrick Waugh, pathologist at the Royal Bolton Hospital, ruled out the injections as her cause of death, and said the woman died of severe heart failure caused by her obesity, and that she had an enlarged heart and narrowed arteries, which is caused by high cholesterol.