Bride-to-Be Worries About Smelly Father-in-Law at Wedding

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Bride-to-Be Worries About Smelly Father-in-Law at Wedding
Wed 20-03-2013

A bride-to-be is worried that the smell of her father-in-law will offend the guests invited to her wedding!

"My future father-in-law smells  really, really bad. He showers but doesn’t use soap or deodorant."

"He’s a lovely man and we don’t want to hurt his feelings. But he’s really stinky and I’m concerned that he will offend our guests."

The bride was so desperate that she shared her fear on a website, and this is what the adviser had to say:

"He has a son (your fiancé) and presumably other relatives in this small wedding party, who’ve either ignored his odour or avoided him. Worse, no one seems to have been kind enough to help him see he’s isolating himself socially."

"The groom must talk to his dad. If his father resists, his son needs to find out why and patiently try to persuade him. He can even suggest they have a father-son spa steam-and-massage on the wedding day, making sure he showers with soap."

"If nothing works, use mild incense in the room, burn candles and whatever other scents that work as gentle camouflage."

"Also, don’t dismiss the possibility he has some physical reason for the strong smell. His son should get him to check it out with his doctor."