Bride to Have Life-Like Doll as Pageboy at Wedding

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Bride to Have Life-Like Doll as Pageboy at Wedding
Sun 17-11-2013

Louise Keel, a 46 year old bride-to-be was heartbroken after finding out she couldn’t have children of her own, so she spent a fortune to get a lifelike curly-haired doll.

The bride will have her doll as a special pageboy at her wedding, she called her doll/son Bert and treats it as her real-life son.

She said: "Finding out I couldn’t have my own family left a gaping hole in my life but now I am settled and happy with my partner Brian."

"When we marry next year Bert will be my pageboy - it will mean a lot to me."

Bert is made out of a special silicon material and has lifelike skin, hair and eyes.

He was designed by Louise after doctors told her she would never be able to have a child of her own.

And when her partner Brian proposed Louise started planning her wedding with Bert as the guest of honor.

Louise, who is registered blind and uses a wheelchair, bought Bert through after discovering a company offering “reborn dolls” on the internet.

He has curly blonde hair and cute button nose, chosen by Louise from an online catalog.