Bride Wears Heavy Weight Gold During Extravagant Wedding In China

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Bride Wears Heavy Weight Gold During Extravagant Wedding In China
Thu 29-05-2014

An extravagant wedding held in Guangdong province became trending, after a bride wore dozens of gold jewelries weighing heavy kilos.

The photos of the bride went viral on Chinese social networking platforms including Sina Weibo and WeChat. The wedding was held in Zhingshan, Guangdong province.

The bride world three gold necklaces embellished with around 70 bracelets. The bridegroom also wore heavy pieces of gold ornament including seven to eight gold necklaces. The extravagant wedding also showcased different luxury vehicles including Maseratis, Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Nanfang Metropolis Daily identified the father of the bride to as Mr. Li who used to work with Shaxi Township Water Supply Company as its general manager. Li said that he was not in favor of the extravagant wedding. He also added that the heavy weight gold jewelries did not come from him or were given as dowries.

Meanwhile, media outlets reported that the bridegroom was a foreign national. He was helping his father run a real estate firm operating in Zhongshan. The bridegroom also said that his family businesses were also present in the decorations and liquor industries.

Other reports said that the bridegroom is a descendant of the famous real estate firm in Zhongshan, Lihe Group.

Lihe Group said that the news has created a major impact to the company and briefed a lawyer regarding legal actions to be taken against local website, which released the news regarding the bridegroom’s link to the company. was ordered to delete the post and clarify the statements released including issuance of a public apology and paying necessary compensation. The local website deleted the post around 4 PM and promised to publicly apologize for the post, reported

Source: Chinatopix