Bride Who Survived Cancer Dances With Man Who Saved Her Life

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Bride Who Survived Cancer Dances With Man Who Saved Her Life
Mon 02-11-2015

Greta Hokanson celebrated her wedding day in a very special way, after the bride had her first dance with her groom, she reserved a special dance with another special person in her life, her bone marrow donor!

When is she was only 16, Greta was diagnosed with leukemia. Her oncologists said a bone marrow transplant was the best option for her survival.

Neither of Greta Hokanson's sisters were a match, so she would have to seek bone marrow from someone willing to sign up on the bone marrow registry. 

Danny Daniels, a 44-year-old man from Arkansas, was a match for her. The two had never met, but Daniels donated his bone marrow for the transplant.

The surgery was a success. One year after the transplant, they met for the first time at a softball game in Sioux Falls, SD. 

"Before I met him, he was this amazing man who gave his bone marrow to me without knowing anything about me. It was incredible seeing him standing right there in front of me," Greta Hokanson told Buzzfeed Life. 


So when she was planning her wedding to husband Tony, she knew she had to invite the man who'd saved her life. 

"When we were making our guest list, I told my mom that I really wanted to invite Danny and Angie, his wife," Greta Hokanson explained.

The pair danced to "Angels Among Us" by Alabama as a tribute to Danny's sacrifice.

Danny, who told Buzzfeed Life, "I was very proud at the wedding, just like a father would be. It felt like my own daughter getting married."

Source: Refinery 29