Brides Steal From Wedding Store After Owner Scams Them Out of Their Money

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Brides Steal From Wedding Store After Owner Scams Them Out of Their Money
Sat 16-05-2015

According to the Limerick Leader, Robelle Bridal in Limerick, Ireland has been facing a lot of criticism over its business practices, and pissing off a lot of angry brides. The owner, Shirley Flanagan, has been taking deposits from women for wedding dresses, but allegedly not following through and actually supplying their dresses. 

Fed up, several customers seemingly concocted a plan to get justice. When Flannigan sent a representative to speak with one of the women and to give her a sample dress — meaning it wasn’t fitted for her — several of the other brides were apparently lying in wait, and took advantage of the situation. The Limerick Leader reported that they ”stormed the store and claimed any dress that they could lay their hands on.”

The women in Limerick made off with several dresses — one even got away with three — but none of them were the dresses they’d ordered. One told the local paper that she had contacted the designer of the gown she’d ordered, who reportedly told her that the bridal shop in question was not one of their vendors. All the women were out large sums of money. According to their version of events, the store owner, Shirley Flannigan, encouraged customers to pay deposits in cash rather than via credit card by offering discounts on cash deposits. 

Flannigan has also been in court in the past over insurance fraud and forgery. 

Source: Bustle