Brides Use Nasal Feeding Tube to Lose Weight

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Brides Use Nasal Feeding Tube to Lose Weight
Tue 17-04-2012

It seems that feeding tubes are no longer for ill patients! According to the New York Times and Times News Feed, feeding tubes are becoming the latest trend amongst brides! 

Using nasal feeding tubes is a new crash diet for brides who want to lose weight before their wedding.

Jessica Schanider, a bride-to-be, spent 8 days eating through a feeding tube in her nose.

Jessica lost 5 Kilos in one week!

This procedure is supervised by a doctor and costs $1,500! 


The tube is inserted through the nose down the esophagus and into the stomach.

The Guardian newspaper claimed that 1,200 patients tried the "diet tube" in the UK last year.

The feeding tube diet only allows you to "eat" 800 calories a day!

But is this new diet really worth trying?