Bridesmaid's Car Attacked by Hundreds of Bees

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Bridesmaid's Car Attacked by Hundreds of Bees
Mon 01-12-2014

Of all dramas that is predicted to happen on a wedding day, a massive swarm of bees is certainly not one of them.

A bridesmaid's top priority is to make the bride's day as seamless as possible but for Courtnay Lanagan it was all about causing an unexpected drama last Saturday.

The 32-year-old had just finished getting her hair done in a Granville salon, in western Sydney, when she went out to her car to discover that the boot, which had her dresses, shoes and jewellery for the big day, was covered in hundreds of bees.

Courtnay Lanagan couldn't believe her eyes when she went to her car in Granville last Saturday and discovered a massive swarm of bees all over her boot. Courtnay miraculously made it back to the salon half an hour later just in time to get her makeup done

Courtnay described the bizarre debacle as 'surreal'. The St Clair resident was completely gobsmacked and went to get a bridesmaid to help her but they really didn't know what to do.


'I didn't know if I was going to make it to the wedding,' she said. 'There were more flying towards the boot and i was standing there.' 

A man reluctantly helped by driving the car around a few blocks in the hope that the bees would fly off but to no avail.

'He gave back the keys and said "good luck",' she told Daily Mail Australia. 'I said to the other bridesmaid that she needed to be brave and jump in the car with me.'

They went to a service station to go through a car wash only to discover that they had both left their purses back at the salon. 

Courtnay described the bizarre debacle as 'surreal'.

'I was saying "this can't be happening right now - this is just ridiculous", she said. 

As fortune would have it, on their way back to get money they saw a man hosing down a truck at a concrete mixing company and begged him for help.

'The bride kept calling for updates and when I walked back in the salon we all laughed and said "this could only ever happen to us",' she said. 

Source: Daily Mail