Brilliant Earth Introduced the Wisteria Collection

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Brilliant Earth Introduced the Wisteria Collection
Wed 06-11-2013

Brilliant Earth provides the highest quality jewelry originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices.

They have now released their latest collection "Wisteria", Brilliant Earth’s designers translated the light and movement of the autumn season into a collection filled with curves, layers, textures, and an airy radiance.

The four rings in the collection feature curving, overlapping and intertwined designs, for a light and dimensional feel that evokes the graceful beauty of vines and branches. Pavé diamonds give these pieces ethereal shimmer.

The collection is inspired by the natural beauty of autumn. The sinuous curves of vines, the rippling of leaves in the breeze, and the dappled patterns of the sun on dewy petals—our designers aimed to capture that light and movement in each piece of the collection.

The rings evoke branches and vines with curving and overlapping bands that represent two lives intertwining. Earrings and necklaces are imbued with subtle movement that evokes falling leaves while pavé diamonds bring a dazzling light. The result is pieces that look at once dynamic and delicate, contemporary and timeless, much like nature itself.