British Company Works to Guarantee Good Weather On Your Wedding Day

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British Company Works to Guarantee Good Weather On Your Wedding Day
Sun 08-02-2015

Weddings planned for months can be ruined by terrible weather, so a British company offering to control the conditions on the big day sounds incredibly enticing.

There’s a catch though, as changing the weather will cost you £100,000.

For some people that will no doubt seem like a small price to pay to ensure they have a perfectly dry union.

Luxury travel company Oliver’s Travels said it can ‘100% guarantee fair weather and clear skies’ for your wedding day using a ‘crack-team of cloud bursters’.

Oliver’s Travels say that the squad, made up of skilled meteorologists and pilots, fly their plane above the clouds and sprinkle them with silver iodide particles. The vapour in the clouds wraps itself around the iodide particles, condensing into water which then falls as rain.

The process begins up to a week before the wedding to ensure the skies are cloud-free for the big day.

Oliver Bell, co-founder of Oliver’s Travels, said: ‘We pride ourselves on our quirky approach and are thrilled to be able to offer such an unusual, unique service to our customers to ensure their wedding is the talk of the town.’

The cloud-bursting technology, which works by dispersing cloud vapour into the air, is not brand new – it has been trialled since the 1940s and was used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a Paul McCartney gig and at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding – but has not yet made it into the mainstream of wedding planning.

The weather control system from Oliver’s Travels is currently only available in France but could be expanded to the UK if successful.

Source: Metro