British Couple Has 66 Weddings Around the World

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British Couple Has 66 Weddings Around the World
Sun 17-08-2014

A British couple got married 66 times in a bid to find the perfect wedding location.

Hopeless romantics Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant, from Manchester, have spent the last three years travelling the globe and have been married 66 times along the way.

The couple have had a traditional wedding ceremony in every destination they have visited on their journey, but are yet to legally tie the knot.

Lisa, 32, and Alex, 34, had been friends for eight years when they began dating in 2008.

In 2011, after four years living together, Alex and Lisa made the brave decision to uproot their lives and follow their dream to relocate in Australia, beginning their location hunt.

Just one day after they said I do for the first time in a traditional ceremony in their hometown of Didsbury, they started their search for the very best place Down Under.

The couple rented out their house and sold their possessions to get funding for their trip. Lisa quit her job as a retail manager for Marks and Spencer while Alex sold his car body repair business.

On their way to Australia, the couple decided to travel the world and their idea slowly transformed into finding the best place in the world to wed, by trying each one out, embracing the local marriage cultures and traditions as much as possible in every location.

Their aim was to find the most exceptional and unique wedding locations possible, blogging about their experiences so others could better chose where to tie the knot themselves.

Source: Daily Mail