British Couple Has Traditional Nabatean Wedding in Petra

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British Couple Has Traditional Nabatean Wedding in Petra
Fri 22-05-2015

British couple Alex and Lisa had a unique Nabatean wedding in Petra, Jordan.

The couple got married 69 times in different countries in a bid to find the perfect wedding location.

Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant, creators of the “2people1life” blog, held their 70th wedding in the ancient city of Petra.

The couple got married in a traditional Nabataean wedding ceremony in Petra, south of Jordan. The wedding showcased the 2,000-year old wedding traditions of the ancient Nabataean civilisation.

The Nabataean ceremony included many rituals such as the henna, women singing and military parades, gifts and as well as rituals to expel bad luck and jinx.

Alex wore the traditional Nabataean knight uniform in the first part of the wedding and wore the traditional Arab clothe for the second part. Lisa wore a traditional Nabatean bridal outfit, and had a Nabataean henna ceremony, she also passed through the main entrance of the runway toward the concert platform amid songs performed by a group of girls dressed in Nabataean dresses.


The night featured many entetainment, inclusing singing, traditional dabkeh dances by a Wadi Mousa troupe. 

The ceremony ended when the couple had to pass through the famous passage in Petra and inhale the elixir of life, which is brought through the wind from the Dead Sea.

Petra College for Tourism and Antiquities at the University of Al-Hussein organized Alex and Lisa's marriage ceremony, with the support of some official institutions and the private sector in Petra.