Is Britney Spears Getting $150,000 Makeover?

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Is Britney Spears Getting $150,000 Makeover?
Sat 05-01-2013

According to the National Enquirer: "Britney Spears is rolling in the new year with a new look, a $150,000 head-to-toe makeover!"

The magazine says the performer is "planning a full-body overhaul which will include a strict diet and exercise program along with extensive plastic surgery to her body and face."

"She’s unhappy when she sees photos of herself with a very obvious triple chin, and she complains she has fat on her back and stomach," says one insider for the Enquirer.

Britney Spears’ makeover plans supposedly include "having excess eyelid skin removed and a possible brow-lift as well as Botox injections around her mouth, forehead and crow’s feet, lip-plumping injections, and a chemical peel."

But a source close to Spears tells Gossip Cop the story is not true and just a way of "using her name" to create a "New Year, new look" article from nothing.