Bulgari Releases Fall Winter 2016 Accessories Collection

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Bulgari Releases Fall Winter 2016 Accessories Collection
Sun 04-09-2016

The 2016 Fall Winter Accessories Collection is born of the very essence of Bulgari.

The modern design, is enhanced by the gemstone palette of the Earth and the glorious volumes of Rome. In luxury handbags, silken scarves, and shapely sunglasses, 2016 Bulgari’s Accessories celebrate their vibrant creator, the master of gemstones, as they accentuate two of Bulgari’s signature collections: SERPENTI and BVLGARI BVLGARI.


The master of gemstones enhances its accessories with this vibrancy of jewel inspiration, expressed in the colour of Bulgari leathers, eyewear and silks. In blues sparkles a Royal Sapphire, the brilliant stone to top the crown. Deliciously red is Raspberry Agate, ripe and smooth with a stony sheen. Bright Sunflower Citrine grows tall against a Teal Topaz sky, shining in the colours of autumn. Plum Amethyst is crystallised with violet, luminescent with pure elegance. Desert Quartz sizzles all year. Passionate and sensual, the Ruby Red of Bulgari acts as the gem foundation of the designer’s desires.

Bulgari 1

Building on these structured forms, 2016 SERPENTI and BVLGARI BVLGARI Accessories are emboldened by the charismatic soul of the jeweler and both capture the audacious spirit of the brand.