Bull Photobombs Bride and Groom's Photoshoot

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Bull Photobombs Bride and Groom's Photoshoot
Tue 30-09-2014

Brian and Rebecca Pepper had just started their wedding photo shoot in Tamworth, when a curious bull made his way to the photoshoot!

Photographer Rachel Deane said the animal wanted in on the wedding photos.

“It was a beautiful setting, they were kissing and then the bull came up and started photobombing,” said Ms Deane, who runs Finishing Image Photography.

“It then started to get closer and closer and came all the way up and sniffed Rebecca’s dress.”

The pair tried to shoo the bull away but it backed up, kicked up some dust and began to charge. It started to charge a second time before Mr Pepper took the bull by the horns and was able to scare it away.

“It’s a paddock I use. Cows have come up before but I’ve never seen anything like this,” Ms Deane said.

The newly married Mrs Pepper laughed off the incident: “It made a “memorable day more memorable”.

“It was a young bull with a bit of bravado but it wasn’t serious, it just didn’t want us in its paddock but Brian was my hero,” Mrs Pepper said.

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