Burj Al Arab Offers Unique Lavish Wedding Packages

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Burj Al Arab Offers Unique Lavish Wedding Packages
Tue 29-04-2014

Dubai is probably the most glamorous Arab country in the Middle East.

The Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world. It is rated as a 7 Star Hotel.

Recently it was announced that Burj Al Arab is set to stage weddings on its helipad, perched 695ft (211.84m) above the Arabian Gulf.

The wedding package costs $55,000, each ceremony is specially designed by a Wedding Architect, responsible for every detail and available 24/7.

Here are some of the things included in the $55,000 wedding package:

– Arrival at Burj Al Arab by air in Italian twin engine Augusta 109 or by road in Rolls Royce Phantom

– Exquisite accommodation in one of Burj Al Arab’s 202 suites ranging in size from 170-780 square meters

– Private tasting sessions with Burj Al Arab’s award-winning Executive Chef Maxime Luvara

– Consultations on wedding cake design, structure, flavor and composition with Burj Al Arab’s Executive Pastry Chef Johannes Bonin

– Beverage sampling and advice with Burj Al Arab’s Head Sommelier Dimitar Dimitrov

– Beauty treatments and private sessions with celebrity personal trainers at Burj Al Arab’s Talise Spa

– Specially designed wedding scent developed by leading perfumist

– Shopping and styling sessions with Burj Al Arab’s personal stylist

– Access to top haute couturiers

– Private after-hours access to top luxury fashion brands

– Consultations with Burj Al Arab’s award-winning team of florists

– Exclusive access to Dubai’s best jewelers

– Private lessons in etiquette and dance

Source:  The Arab Daily News

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