Bushfire Burns Survivor Gets Engaged to Boyfriend

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Bushfire Burns Survivor Gets Engaged to Boyfriend
Tue 28-07-2015

They have known each other since their school days and while they have not always been by each other's sides, Michael Hoskin knew early on in their courtship that Turia Pitt was for him.

And the feeling was mutual with Turia telling Daily Mail Mail Australia: 'He's a good guy, I'm lucky to have him, every day I wake up beside him is a great day.'

If ever there was a true test of love, Michael has passed with flying colours, standing by Turia's side while she was hospitalised after being caught in a bush fire, and now he has proposed with the diamond ring he bought as she lay in intensive care four years ago. 

Echoing her sentiments, Michael, a former policeman, told the publication he proposed while they were on holidaying in the Maldives.

'When Turia was in intensive care four years ago I bought a diamond ring,' he said.

Before the bushfire: The former model and Michael have shared a deeper love for each other since the fateful fire in Western Australia 2011

The couple have been together for years but their relationship took a deeper turn after what started out as an adventure race with pals through the Kimberley region of Western Australia ended in a living nightmare for Turia.

But four years after an horrific incident which saw the former model trapped in a bush fire and left horribly burned, Turia - who has already undergone 200 operations - has put the worst behind her leaving the couple in the right space to get married.

In interviews with news.com.au, Michael invariably refers to Turia as 'beautiful' and 'amazing'.

He quit his job as a police officer to move to WA to spend more time with her where both worked in the mining industry.

And after her accident, he stopped working entirely to look after her because she could not dress or care properly for herself.

The couple now share a home in Ulladulla, New South Wales, and have slowly rebuilt their lives.

Turia credits the unequivocal support of her fiance for helping bolster her confidence during the last four years, much of which she spent in hospital.

It is her parents, however, whom she says taught her that anything is possible with willpower.

'The fire has just made me more grateful than I was and for every day that I have,' she told DMA.

'Going to sleep next to my partner I never thought anything of before. Now I think lucky am I get to sleep next to this beautiful man. He's a good guy and I'm very lucky to have him,' she says.

'Every day I wake up beside Michael is a great day.'

Turia also told DMA that while she knows she can never eradicate every scar suffered from the fateful blaze she will resolve to undergo more operations to remove as many as she can.

'I'm not opposed to more operations to improve my appearance - if I need another 1,000 surgeries I can have them.'

Source: Daily Mail