BVLGARI's Beautiful 2015 Collection "DIVA"

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BVLGARI's Beautiful 2015 Collection "DIVA"
Wed 23-12-2015

BVLGARI's 2015 collection DIVA has 26 beuatiful creations, the collection has pieces to suit every style and taste.

The creations come in every shade of the gemstone rainbow. Carved, like a precious gem, into radiant new facets of the Diva spirit, the collection reflects the multiple styles, moods and attributes of a woman. In hypnotic new hues, its jewels enchant with sensual lines, recalling the feminine silhouette: Diva is the ultimate of Italian femininity.

Dating through the decades, Bulgari has been inseparable from the most exquisite celebrities, since the Dolce Vita era, when film stars discovered their love for the Italian jeweller. With a mutual admiration, Diva was created, a shimmering Bulgari collection that captures the glamour, exalts the grace, and reflects the radiance of today’s favourite divas.

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Some of the most inspirational women in the online world selected their favourite pieces from the Diva collection and interpret them in their own unique way. As women with distinct styles and tastes that stay true to themselves, the understated pieces were effortlessly incorporated into the jewellery that they already love to wear every day.