Carmen Shammas Reveals Love Life Horoscopes for April

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Carmen Shammas Reveals Love Life Horoscopes for April
Mon 09-04-2012

Carmen Shammas reveals updates on your love lives accroding to your horoscopes for this week!


Here is what your horoscope holds for you this month:

This month you find it easier for you to explain everything your loved one asks you about. You hold the key to your partner's heart, so express your feelings and let them know how you feel. If you have been feeling distant from your partner this is a good time to get close again and talk about your issues.
But it won't be easy if your partner is a Libra, Cancer, or a Capricorn!

You are very calm this month, but your emotions are not. No big changes will occur in your love life this month. You feel that you want to spend more quality time with your loved one away from anything that will disturb you.
After the 20th your love life will blossom again, you will take a step further, or decide on something you have been postponing for a while.

None is as lucky as the Gemini this month. Your love life is simply great. Everything is going smoothly and all your previous problems dissapear. For those who are single, you might meet someone who will change your life or make you feel happy for a long time.

You are a little stressed out this month, you are not in the mood to have fun with your loved one, but want to spend some time alone. Don't say anything you will regret to your partner, think before you say anything that will hurt them.
But hopefully this phase will end by the end of the month.

April will have better results than the past few months you've had. But you will regret being selfish and will have to apologize for what you've done.
There is a big chance that you will meet someone at work or during an event that you will really like. So try and be more social this month.

It's time you end all the issues between you and your partner. This is a good time to talk to your loved one and come to a conclusion. Tell your partner how you feel and you will hopefully reconcile.

You reach a level where you feel stressed and confused in your love life. Your relationship will be put at test this month, and it might not end well no matter how hard you try to fix it.

You've been working a lot this month, and you blame your partner for some issues that are not his/her fault. Be patient and let your loved one know how you feel, and be more flexible and understanding to your partner.

You are finally in a stable relationship this month, everything is clear for you now, and you feel close to your partner. If you happen to be single, you will get into a relationship that will change your life, and you may even commit to someone soon.

This is not the best month for you, you are not in a good mood at all. But you feel much better by the end of the month as all your issues will resolve.

You are very busy this month, and this makes you the center of attention. But be careful as you might make some mistakes that will cost you a lot.  Make sure you spend time with your partner and not forget about your loved one even though you are very busy.