Carole Samaha is Pregnant Again After First Miscarriage

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Carole Samaha is Pregnant Again After First Miscarriage
Tue 16-06-2015

The first picture of a pregnant Carole Samaha with her hubby Egyptian businessman Waleed Mustafa has emerged on Facebook. With a wide smile on her face, the Lebanese singer looked glowing and super fit for someone who's about to give birth in three months' time.

Although the happy couple, who wedded in October 2013, are expecting their first baby together, Carole revealed that she had a misfortunate miscarriage two months after getting pregnant with her first child, reported Al Jaras Magazine.

"When I first got married, my husband and I postponed getting pregnant until I was done with all of my work commitments," Carole told Sayidaty Magazine. "People started to make up rumors about us having a problem with conceiving, even though it was just something that we both had agreed on until I was used to living in Egypt instead of Lebanon," she added.

"Exhaustion," according to the mum-to-be, is what led to the miscarriage, adding that at the time she was on antibiotics to treat her back pain.

Carole, who is now six months pregnant, said that in September 2014, she prayed to God for a child on Christmas Day. God listened to the devout singer and she found out that she was having a baby two days after Christmas Day.

"The moment I found out I was pregnant my eyes teared up. We didn't tell anyone except for my mum and Waleed's mum. That's when we also decided not to announce the news until the sixth month of the pregnancy," Carole said.

Source: Al Bawaba