Celebrating Abayas: Saudi Designer Hana Samman

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Celebrating Abayas: Saudi Designer Hana Samman
Mon 20-05-2013

Saudi designer Hana Samman is one of the most famous designers in KSA, she started her brand as a hobby, “I only went to school to study fashion design after I established the brand and after I got familiar with the fashion design scene in the Kingdom,” said Samman.

“I wanted to learn the possibilities and impossibilities in making clothing. I have a team of tailors that helps me make the abayas. I do all the designing and purchase the materials and fabrics they use,” she added.

“I studied at Burgo — an Italian fashion institute — for two years, and I learned so much about stitching and designing. I must say it was a good advantage for my brand,” said Samman.

Samman’s recent collection is based on Saudi traditional clothing but adds a modern twist. “I chose the collection to be like the traditional bisht, a well-known cloak made for men and I added small changes to it and made it fit for women,” she said. “I made sure that the abayas are made in a traditional way with a twist of femininity,” she added.

“My designs are very smart and there is something for everyone. I always make sure to make different designs so I can satisfy all my costumers,” she added.