Celebrity Wedding Dress Designer Manuel Mota Dies at Age 46!

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Celebrity Wedding Dress Designer Manuel Mota Dies at Age 46!
Thu 10-01-2013

We are sadly reporting that the Spanish celebrity wedding dress designer Manuel Mota of the global brand Pronovias has died aged 46 in an apparent suicide.

Manuel Mota was creative director for Pronovias for 23 years and made bridal gowns for celebrities such as model Penny Lancaster, the bride of singer Rod Stewart.

A police source who asked not to be named told AFP that Manuel Mota's death was "violent" but not a homicide and that the investigation was closed.

Police gave no further details while El Pais newspaper said it was a suspected suicide. It cited sources in the investigation saying Manuel Mota had left a note.

El Pais said he was found dead at home in Sitges, near Barcelona where the company is based.

"The Pronovias Family has lost one of their most beloved members," said the president of the group Alberto Palatchi, in a statement.

"The memory of his collections, his shows, his hard work, his talent and his passion will remain with us forever," Alberto Palatchi added.

"Manuel was a great man, a great colleague, a great artist and, above all, a great person."